Our beer is the Bomb!!

Brew More, Drink More

Single Mash-Batch Sparge, 15Gal Kettle 3 tier converted keg system.  Primary glass carboy secondary cornelius keg.  All chilled/fermented in custom fermentor and served from a seperate 6 tap kegerator...    DWHAHB

Brew Stand

After spending a few hours in visio,many hours cutting/welding and more money than I care to add up here is the 3-tier brew stand...

The stand is just over 5 feet tall with a 40inch by 40inch base. The structure is 2x2 .120 steel and the pole is 2.5id sched 40 black pipe. The shelves are able to swivel 360deg and have full height adjustment.  The system is fed with natural gas and has adjustable height burners.

Here are the VISIO drawing or the PDF of the stand

Here is the .xls parts list for the stand

Here are the VISIO drawing or the PDF of wort plumbing